Shakti Soul Yoga & Movement

Yoga in Troy, Montana

“Our yoga studio is a Troy treasure. Note I said “our yoga studio,” the atmosphere is so friendly that I feel a touch of ownership too. When I am away from Troy, I really miss the studio. All of the instructors are accepting of all ability levels. I am so comfortable that I can relax, follow along and let my mind go without being self conscious.” 
-Pat Mcleod

“The studio is warm and inviting. Just walking into the space is relaxing. I would be happy to just lay down on that beautiful floor and do Savasana for the entire hour! I really appreciate that you recycled a community eyesore “the old gas station” into such a wonderful space.”
– Kris Newgard

Upcoming Events

Sound Healing Event is filling up. Please contact the studio directly to reserve your space.

Drop ins are welcome if there is room.

Shannon and Gaia together bring over 25 years of Sound, Movement and Energy Healing experience!

“The harmonic sounds of the crystal bowls facilitate an opportunity for a deep state of relaxation, healing and integration of Ones Self. The vibrational tones resonate throughout your body, mind and soul. This is truly a nurturing, re-balancing , and healing experience.

Yoga mat, blanket and bolster provided.

If you would like additional cushion please bring more blankets with you to make yourself comfortable.

Admission $15

Private 30 min sessions ($40) with two therapists are available from Noon-4 prior to the concert.

For more information contact Gaia at 208-920-1782

$5 Drop-In Class fee

View our class schedule today and join us for an upcoming class!